The city of Prague is famous for its historical sites, but it also features diverse landscapes and valuable nature. This is due to the abundance of open spaces both on the periphery and in the city centre, creating a mosaic of cultivated and natural sites, dramatic landscapes and diverse bedrock. The blend of these factors has lead to a very high site heterogeneity and therefore also high species diversity. The natural phenomena to see during the conference excursion range from riparian wetlands and wet meadows to thermophilous vegetation on rocky outcrops. Further, the track of the excursion includes interesting historical sites, as it goes through an area with one of the oldest continuous settlements in the Czech Republic. The whole trip will take around 10 kilometers (6 miles) of light to moderate terrain. It will be possible to modify the exact route of the excursion ad hoc, according to wheather and capabilities of the participants. Also, it will be possible to decide whether to climb to see the vistas or to stay on the comfortable main track during the excursion.